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An open letter to the Registrar’s Office, or rather what it represents


By: Emily Skeen

Dear Registrar’s Office,

I’m not graduating yet. Now, I’ve never met you, so I’d like to begin this by saying I’m sure you are probably a lovely group of people. Please know that none of this is actually directed at the specific individuals sending these emails to possibly-soon-to-be-graduates, but rather the university they are writing on behalf of, the society who says I should be in a different place than I am, and all the things that these emails represent. You get the gist, right? Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, graduating. I’m not graduating yet! And while I appreciate the 5, yes 5, emails I have received from you letting me know that I should probably be getting up and out of here and on with my life, I’m not. I will, I don’t plan to stay at PSU forever, $40,000 of debt is enough for me, I’m just not done yet. And that doesn’t mean I’ve been fooling around, or going part time, or anything else, it just means that my degree doesn’t really fit in with that fancy new “4 year guarantee” the university seems to be rolling out now. And not just because I transferred, it just isn’t possible for a student to come take classes full time, be involved in all the things you need to be involved in to have any shot at getting in to a good grad school, work 20 hours a week, be in a relationship, have a social life, and sometimes even eat, sleep, and if I’m really lucky, shower. So thank you for the reminders, I’m sure I will appreciate them when that happy time of my graduation does happen upon me, but until then kindly take your emails away and stop reminding me that I’m a little bit behind the “average student”. I’ve never been average, why would I start now?


A slightly hectic super-senior

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  1. JR #

    They are a lovely group of people!

    May 2, 2014
  2. Yes, my first phone call when I approached graduation was from the alumni association. I thought perhaps he wanted to offer or invite me to something special for upcoming grads, or offer me a networking opportunity or a job-related seminar.
    Instead he asked me for money. While I was still studying, had about $200 to my name, and had accumlated $29,000 in debt at PSU.
    My next interaction with the university at graduation time was another pitch from the alumni association TUCKED INTO MY DIPLOMA at Commencement.
    What a terrible set of introductions to the post-matriculation “PSU family”, and what a turn off. I have more or less vowed not to even consider giving money to PSU for at least the first ten years after graduation.
    Or at least until the alumni department and the administration quit lighting up the night sky with the dollar signs in their eyes when they look at me.

    May 5, 2014
  3. Hi Emily, Good timing for this post. In recent weeks, and in consultation with the Degree Requirements office, we had decided to discontinue this communication. We are always looking to find ways to communicate the right message to the right students at just the right time. We do our best to try to get messages out in a timely fashion that also allow students to avoid missing important deadlines. In this case we may have erred on the side of over-communicating without knowing each student’s exact plans to graduate. While we may pick this communication back up in the future, we will consider an alternate approach. We do hope for your personal and academic success, are here to help, and appreciate your feedback. Best!

    May 12, 2014
  4. Visalia

    July 27, 2014

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