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2014 What’s the Resolution?


By: DeLon Lewis

Since you all won’t hear from me until 2014 I thought it would only be right to share my New Year’s resolution here on PSU Chronicles. For 2014, I want to improve my time management skills.  More specifically, I want to be places and turn in assignments early rather than late or on time.

I did pretty well with my resolution for 2013, which was to follow through and do the things I say I will do. The only thing that stopped me from being more effective on that goal was poor time management. Waiting until the last minute to do something is probably my one Achilles heel. That is going to change in 2014.

In order to be successful with my resolution, I must become a better planner. As soon as I receive a task, I plan to begin working on it sooner than later. If you know anything about me, I suck at being punctual. I find it hard to get out of bed and I also take a long time getting ready to leave. If I can ease off the snooze button and leave the house sooner, I should be in good shape.

Now I am curious to know, PSU Chronicles followers, what is your New Year’s resolution going to be? As always GO VIKS!!!!

Thanksgiving Poem


I cannot believe,
I am missing Thanksgiving in Washington
For the first time
Yet, so thankful for this new,
Oregonian Experience.
I will be here for a while,
Might as well settle in.
Stuffing, black-eyed peas,
Mom’s deviled eggs:
There is no comparison.
Food everywhere, watching the game
I hope the Cowboys lose.
Let’s not forget why we came.
Bow thy head and pray;
Thank whatever god you believe.
For me, I say
Thank God….
For the future,
My little cousins, and sisters,
The older ones too.
Thanks for my daughters and nephew,
My grandparents for installing this old soul,
Aunties, uncles, friends, and especially my foes,
My brotherhood, thanks for the black and old gold
My lovely lady, keeping me warm through this November cold,
Mom and Dad, for raising me into a productive man.
Of course thanks for my job,
And this wondrous green land
Most of all…thank you, thank you, thank you
My PSU Chronicles fam!

- Way 2 Cold

Where Do You BBQ?

Let’s be honest: sometimes you just can’t beat grilled chicken.

Lucky for us, PSU’s got two great BBQ food carts on campus. So when you finally get out of that two-hour lecture, brain-fried and starving, you’ve got options. Mississippi Delta BBQ, right next to the library, or The Local Grind across from the Vue and outside Montgomery. The question is, which do you choose?

Here’s the good news—they’re both pretty darn BBQ-tastic.

The Local Grind is a classic. It’s got a huge cult following, and not without good reason: the Teriyaki shred tastes amazing. The savory morsels of chicken hit your mouth like an oral luau, complete with cute ukulele players serenading your taste buds. And if you’re not much of a white rice guy, have no fear—they serve brown rice here!

Mississippi Delta, on the other hand, is the new kid on the block. But don’t expect anything less from this chicken doused in smoky-spicy southern goodness. Mississippi’s got chops, especially when you take into account their variety of slaws and sauces.

All else aside, I think you can tell a lot about a food cart by the frankness of its slogan. The Local Grind’s “Get It In Your Body!” is certainly direct enough, but Mississippi Delta’s “Put Some South In Your Mouth” gets extra points for the rhyme.

Price-wise, they’re about the same. (Expect to spend $5-$7.) And for the record, both of these guys have mac salad that will invade your dreams with wonderful macaroni cravings.

In the end, no matter where you grab your saucy chicken, you really can’t go wrong. Which is your favorite cart on campus?

Read Your @#$%&*! E-Mails

By: Emily Skeen

For a little over two years now, I’ve been working as a student leader on campus. I also ran a SALP group for two years. In that time I learned many things including leadership techniques, networking skills, communication and so on. But the one that sticks out the most is this basic principle about students: They don’t check their emails. Which leads to conversations like this:

Student: “Hey Emily, I didn’t hear about that awesome event Campus Rec just did, why didn’t you tell anyone? That’s your job and you’re not doing it”.

Me: “Well, student, as a matter of fact, I sent three e-mails about that event in the last month, do you check your e-mail?”

Student: “Yeah”

Me: “Do you read your e-mails?

Student: “Uhhh…”

Me: “That’s what I thought”

Student shuffles off without accepting fault.

If I had a quarter, or even a nickel, for every conversation of this type that I have had over the last two years, I wouldn’t be $40,000 in debt. Moral of the story: Read your $#%@&** e-mails. You might just find that all your questions have already been answered.

Portland State Football Interview

I got a chance to catch up with two of my very good friends on the Portland State football team after one of their practices before they defeated University of North Dakota. These two gentlemen, junior Vincent Johnson (left) and senior Bryant Long (right), took time out to answer some questions from me. In this interview we go over everything from their respective recruiting trips to their brotherhood in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. See these guys on the field for our last home game of the season against Sacramento State University at 1:05 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 16, at Jeld-Wen Field. Are there any other athletes or student leaders you would like to see in a future interview? GO VIKS!


That elusive job!


Did you enjoy the “All Major Career & Internship Fair” at the Smith Memorial Student Union last Tuesday? With representatives from more than 60 organizations, including those from private industry, government and non-profits, it was a perfect opportunity to start the search for that elusive job and get to know the various opportunities out there. Some of the popular companies who made their presence felt at the fair were Boeing, Blount International, Cambia Health Solutions, and Hershey Company.

An elevator pitch is an important element of the career fair for which the students need to train in advance. If you are wondering what an elevator pitch is – it is a one sentence, succinct description of what you bring to the table, and how you are a good fit for the company. This may essentially compel a company to immediately take note of and get interested in you. It was good to see students practicing their elevator pitches outside the ballroom while getting ready to impress employers.

Apart from the employers, there were representatives from Portland State University (School of Education, Business graduate programs office) to help students chose companies based on their skill sets. This was definitely the first chance to take a shot at an internship for next summer or for full-time careers for graduating students. Hope you all made good use of the event. And in case you missed it, there are a couple more career fairs to look out for – The Nonprofit 2013 career fair on the 7th of November and Northwest Career fair on the 18th of November. For more details see

-Guru (

“Man, I Wish I Knew This When I Started!”








    Here are some academic tricks I’ve learned at Portland State. I hope these hints help you become a stellar Viking scholar:   

Calendar Your Studies. Enter ALL assignment and exam deadlines into your calendar or organizer. Planning ahead saves cramming later!

Don’t be a perfectionist.  I don’t advocate skipping readings, but when an exam is upon you, there may be more benefit in reviewing your notes, lecture slides, and other class materials than in every precious word in the readings.

Be succinct on essay tests and class presentations.  Being long-winded won’t help your grade, but your grade will drop with unfinished essay exams.  An instructor will cut you off in class if you go over time on presentations.

Demand rigor in your education:  Ask everyone who the best professors are. Can’t hear student comments in class?  Ask the professor to repeat them. If your professor is doing something wrong or inaccurate with grading, points, or on the syllabus, approach them about the matter.  You will usually get satisfaction.

You have a right not to be distracted in class by your classmates’ smart phone and Facebook fetishes.  Complain to your prof after class or during office hours; they will respond.  And don’t BE that in-class surfing addict. It’s distracting and rude to fellow students. Go in the hallway.

For now, avoid online PSU classes like STDs.  Nonverbal communication is 66 percent of all communication, and online classes remove almost all live teacher-student contact and student-to-student contact. Plus, PSU charges you an extra $160 in “online learning fees” for the privilege. Learn more in my Vanguard story “Clicking for Classes” here.

Need a quiet study spot?  The Quiet Study Lounge on the 4th floor of Smith features the soft, rustling leaves of Park Blocks trees, cushy furniture, and seriously quiet students.  Another seriously quiet spot is the 7th floor mini-library in the Urban Center Building.

Concerned about negotiating this university?  Consider taking the well-run College Success courses (UNST 199 and UNST 399).

Local hangout hint:  25-cent coffee all the time at Big Town Hero, 1923 SW 6th Ave., between College and Hall.

         Also, check out my Vanguard article on the “Top 20 Big Words You Need In College” for more help!


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