Cross Cultural Breakfast

A few years ago, I was drinking a cup of coffee with Jennifer, my first American friend. I was staying at her house, and she told me to cook whatever I wanted for breakfast. Still tired, she unsteadily walked into the kitchen.  She asked what I was making and I answered with the menu: green salads, rice, miso soup, and left-over roasted chicken breast. She became speechless, shocked because of the salad and chicken for breakfast.

I know that the typical American’ breakfast consists of pork, eggs, toast, and possibly corned beef. But following my Japanese customs, I naturally prepared the breakfast using left-over chicken and many vegetables. Normally, for breakfast along with rice and miso soup, I like to use leftovers from the night before, so as not to leave any food left over.

Since that morning I have been questioning where the customs for breakfast traditions came from? I had asked many Americans why they don’t serve salads and non-pork products in the morning. No one could give me an answer. I realized it was my first meeting with the social norms of American life.

5 thoughts on “Cross Cultural Breakfast

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  2. Kara says:

    I believe the traditional American Breakfast comes from the farm. It was often the meal that fueled the work day. Made of items easy to acquire on a farm. I would love to know more about breakfast. My favorite meal of the day!

  3. Amber says:

    Mami! That’s great. I was so surprised when I saw one of my best friends (Japanese) eating salad for breakfast. I had a similar experience in Korea with rice and soup for breakfast. I miss starting my day with that kind food. Take care!

  4. laura says:

    As an American, I was also surprised the first time I saw someone eating vegetables for breakfast. I decided to try it myself, and now one of my favorite things to have for breakfast is oatmeal with steamed vegetables!

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