Dating Around the World


Valentine’s Day is another example of cultural differences between America and Korea. In America, people show their love by giving presents or cards. In Korea, Valentine’s Day is considered a day that women express their love or friendship by presenting chocolates.  For example, I bought chocolates for my father, brother, boyfriend, and friends and I wrote cards.

In Korea, one of annual rituals is called White Day, March 14th, when men present candy or white chocolates to women. April 14th is called Black Day, when people who didn’t receive gifts on Valentine’s Day or White Day eat a Korean black noodle dish called “Ja Jang Myen.”

I wonder what other countries do for Valentine’s Day and similar holidays, so I will be attending an upcoming event presented by the Organization of International Students. The event will discuss dating in different cultures, and will be held Wednesday, February 15th, 6 to7:30pm at Smith Memorial Student Union room 238.

Do you have Valentine‘s Day memory that you would like to share? 

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