How to dress like a PSU student in the winter

PSU Winter Starter Pack

By: Jasmin Landa

Winter term is here and so is the cold, wet weather. In addition to the obvious investments you need to succeed in class (books, supplies, etc.), also consider the clothes on your back. Here is a short list of how you can show Viking pride with PSU gear as you walk across a chilly and rainy urban campus.

Coat – Winter lows in Portland average 36 degrees Fahrenheit. A coat provides an outer shell to insulate you from the cold and wind.

Sweatshirt – For less chilly days, a PSU sweatshirt is a comfortable alternative. It’s great for class, and you can transition easily from the lecture hall to a Vikings sporting event.

T-Shirt – Under that sweatshirt, wear a Portland State of Mind T-shirt. They highlight the culture of the city and the campus’s unique relationship with the greater community.

Coffee mug – Caffeine is a big part of the Pacific Northwest culture. There are multiple coffee shops all around campus to keep you awake and at your best game. When you fill up, put it in a PSU mug.

Umbrella –Portland receives about 88 percent of its rain from October through May. A PSU umbrella will get you from building to building without getting soaked. PSU buildings also offer community umbrellas, so you can grab one if you forget yours.

Galoshes – Rain is inevitable in Portland, so try a pair Viking rain boots, which feel great and look cute.

Jeans – Although they aren’t really winter wear, the comfort of jeans allows you to walk around downtown and take advantage of PSU’s central location. They go with the casual nature of campus, located in the heart of downtown Portland.

One thought on “How to dress like a PSU student in the winter

  1. How Mate says:

    Thanks for this post. Great tips! I really struggle with summer dressing and sometimes feel that I wear the same thing all year round but with fewer layers!! The UK summers have not been that great recently so I could get away with it but it would be nice to have some lovely outfits prepared for when we do get some warm weather. I love your use of white and am inspired to have a go at using more white especially trousers. I also like to wear dresses in the summer.

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