Bike to PSU!


Clint Culpepper, Bike Hub supervisor, took a few minutes out his busy day to tell me about the upcoming Bike to PSU Challenge.

What is the Bike to PSU Challenge all about?

Clint: The Bike to PSU Challenge is our annual push to get more students and staff of the university to try bike commuting. This is our sixth year, but last year was definitely our best with over 800 participants logging miles and over 25% of them were new commuters.

What’s in it for me?

Clint: This year we have some fantastic prizes that will be given out throughout the Challenge. We have panniers and racks from Ortlieb, one-of-a-kind backpacks from Chrome, lights, caps and shirts from Knog and two trips on the Outdoor Program’s bike touring trip. Team captains will also get a T-shirt from the Challenge. We are most excited about two big prizes; Portland Design Works has given us enough of their Radbot 1000 taillights to give one away every day of the challenge and we have five Linus bikes to give away.

What advice do you have for those who have been thinking about commuting by bike, but haven’t taken the plunge?

Clint: For new riders, we recommend checking out the variety of free maps that the city of Portland has published. The city has done a fantastic job of creating safe routes around town to make it easier to get to and from campus. The Bike Hub has all of these maps available and our staff is more than happy to help people discover a route that works for them. It can be very intimidating for new riders, and one thing that we’ve found helps quite a bit is riding the route on the weekend or another day that they don’t have to be at school. This will give them the time to relax and sort out any worries that they may have.

I’m in! How do I sign up?

Clint: You can sign up at The registration is pretty easy, and from there you can sign up as a solo rider or as a team captain. If you would like to join a team that has already formed, the captain of the team can send you an invitation e-mail.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Clint: Biker Breakfast! Every Wednesday we’ll be rewarding riders with free donuts and coffee from Coco Donuts at the Urban Plaza, Smith Center, and Cramer Hall.

Look for me biking up Broadway every day in May on my bright yellow Jamis, aka “The Taxi”.

Commuting by Bike is a Daily Adventure

Bikes outside of Lincoln Hall.

The 2.6 mile ride from my apartment in Northeast to campus takes me 20 minutes on a good day. Add an extra five to 10 minutes when it’s raining. After attaching my panniers, which are stuffed to capacity with everything I’ll need for the day, I head west on Broadway past the car dealerships, checking out the progress of the new streetcar line.

Crossing the Broadway Bridge, I slow down, looking right and then left, taking in the panoramic view of the city. Faster cyclists whiz past me dinging their bells or calling out, “On your left!” Now that I’m on the other side of the bridge, I pick up speed and race past Union Station, and if I time it right, all the way to Burnside without stopping. Now I am extra alert. I’ve had several close calls at this intersection.

This is the most challenging leg of the ride. Downtown is a roller coaster of hills and an obstacle course of car doors, potholes and pedestrians. I talk out loud to the cars around me; “Do you see me? Are you going to stop?” I spin uphill to the intersection of SW Broadway and Jefferson; I am panting and sweating profusely. Only one more hill to go before I’m there. The construction in front of Lincoln Hall forces me out into the traffic lane, where cars are not always happy to accommodate my presence. Outside of Cramer Hall, I lock up. I made it.

What’s your commute to campus like, road warriors?