Isn’t there an easy button for life?

By: Mario Quintana

The-Feel-Of-Everybody-Graduating-College-Is-Husky-RelatbleIt’s only been recently that I have given much thought on what may follow after I graduate. I find it hard to believe that four years ago I stepped onto this campus and thought it would seem forever before I found myself at commencement. I like many students, had my share of difficulties along the way, times of procrastination, and uncertainties about my major.

Every time I head over to the Diversity and Multicultural Student Services, I see new and young faces. Gone are the students I met when we were freshmen. I reminisce with my adviser on how not long ago I was one of the new, young, and few first generation students. Now, I am at a crossroads in my life.

Many questions and scenarios come to my mind. Should I, upon graduating, immediately seek a job? Or should I pursue my master’s or hope to create something for myself? It is often said that graduates should seek a job that they love to do or that has meaning to them. However, while it is a comforting idea I don’t believe it to be realistic. Yet, the idea of simply working to make money is dull itself.

But I ask myself, how many people have the privilege to work? How many others have meaning to their jobs or let alone their life? These questions may seem naive and repetitive, but it is often through contemplation that we can find ourselves. Perhaps then I should find work for the sake of working and on my free time create meaning to my life and myself.

Apply only if you have experience

Coming down to the end of the term, a hopeful graduate starting a new chapter in life, I’ve begun the long-awaited job search. I’ve been warned by just about everyone that the job search isn’t easy and it would be awhile before I found anything to apply for. Even so, I go to Google and look up job openings in my area of study just to see what’s out there. Well, to my surprise, finding job openings hasn’t been the problem. Instead it’s been the years of experience required that has prevented me from applying to several job postings. I’m coming out straight from college with little to no experience, so how am I supposed to get a job?

I’m looking at broadcasting jobs and I’ve come to learn that you need to apply in rural places, like Coos Bay or some obscure town in Idaho. Although moving to an even smaller city doesn’t sound ideal, that’s where the opportunities are at. Once you get some experience there, you can apply to other jobs in big cities like Portland or Seattle that require background knowledge. So far, I haven’t made up my mind on what to do but am strongly considering moving to a small town in the Northwest if that’s where I can get a job.