Moving to the Finer Things

Transitions. We all go through them, whether it’s moving to a new place, new school, or even a different job. My transition this new school year is finally moving out of the dorms and into a townhouse that is miles outside of downtown in Beaverton.Image

What’s the plus side of living off campus and in an actual townhouse? A kitchen! I have been able to cook something other than that $1 mac-n-cheese we college students have come to love. Having a freezer that works has been unbelievable; now I don’t have to worry about cleaning melted ice cream off the bottom of my fridge.

I had to spend $215 on a MAX pass, but it beats the $300+ for parking on campus. Also, being able to bypass Highway 26, where countless cars are just waiting for their turn to get in and out of downtown, is a benefit of taking light rail. And my rent is about $3000 cheaper than in the dorms for one year.

Living in the on-campus dorms had many advantages, too. Being able to roll out of bed and go to class within ten minutes was the best by far. Now I have to wake up a whole two hours before my classes even start, so adapting to going to sleep and waking up on time has been difficult.

I’m sure I will love my new home as the year continues; after all, I am saving a lot of money.

New room, new design

New room, new design

The beginning of a new school year, for most of us, means a new place to call home for the next 9 months. And with a new home comes redecorating again and again until it finally turns out the way you want it to.

This is where I am at right now. I just moved into an apartment and want the bland off-white walls and generic furniture to feel a bit homier. Therefore, I have spent the last week unpacking, moving my furniture, hanging lights and posters and reorganizing everything. I think I have finally gotten my room the way I want it, but that could change as easily as people change the color of their hair.

Lucy, I’m home!

As some of you may remember, my last blog entry was about finding an apartment and having to move. Well, it happened. In the span of 72 hours, my roommates and I found an apartment, signed papers, and moved – mostly because ResLife at Portland state required me to move out ridiculously quickly. Continue reading

It’s the great apartment hunt, Charlie Brown!

For-Rent-Sign-bigAs some of you know, I live in the dorms here on campus, and while they are wonderful, my best friend and I have decided to move in together summer term. Unfortunately for us, housing on campus does not have any two-bedroom options available (unless we live at University Pointe, which is too expensive for us) and we don’t want to share a one-bedroom place. Since there is a lack of two-bedroom housing on campus, we are forced to look elsewhere.

For us living downtown is too costly since we have a budget of around of $1,000-$1,100 in rent per month, while we like the convenience of living in Portland, square footage increases dramatically outside of downtown.  Portland is too costly for the average college student.

Thus far our search has included the Lake Oswego and Beaverton areas, where we’ve looked at apartments and townhouses. These areas are our preference and while we’ve had some luck, we are by no means finished looking. We have a couple months till we have to move, and plan to do plenty of visits and research to find the perfect place! I’ll miss the convenience of living on campus, but saving a couple hundred dollars a month on rent will more than make up for the extra commute time!